Industrial Safety Training:

Maintaining a safe working environment is not only an important human resources issue, it's the law. Poorly trained employees are more likely to have accidents than those who have undergone safety training. Accidents lead to missed days of work, worker's compensation claims and sometimes lawsuits. These things have a negative impact on your company's bottom line. Your employees need to understand health and safety risks, the steps they need to take to minimize those risks, and common safety standards and compliance procedures, Whether they're entry-level workers, seasoned veterans, supervisors, or plant managers.

Our company Total Solutions Specialist (TSS) has courses for industrial safety training. Such courses include: Basic First Aid, Advanced First Aid, Basic Fire Fighting, Advanced Fire Fighting, Rigging, Safe Lifting Operations, Banksman Certification, H2S and Safety Management courses. Delivered by experienced and certified instructors, you can be sure that your employees will receive proper information and training which adhere to International Quality and Standards.
We should always remember that knowing and practicing safety at all times enable us to be ready for any circumstance/ mishap/ accidents, whenever and wherever it happens.

Reasons Why You Should Take Our Courses:
*  We offer options to fit your busy schedule
*  Create a safe environment for working
*  Reduce work-related accidents and sickness
*  Lower insurance costs and medical expenditures
*  Increase productivity of work
*  Avoidance of employee complaints
*  Learn specialized techniques from experts
*  Receive answers to any of your questions
*  Earn continuing education credits

Basic First Aid & Advanced First Aid Course
Basic Fire Fighting and Advanced Fire Fighting Course
Safe Lifting Operations
Banksman Certification
Safety Management


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